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Sebastopol Tomorrow Opposes
The Dairyman Winery & Event Center
which includes a County use permit to be issued for a huge winery and distillery
at 5150 Sebastopol Road - just east of Llano Road on Hwy 12

A vital element for the viability of this huge commercial development in our community separator adjacent to the Laguna, on State Hwy 12 west is permission from Caltrans to issue an encroachment permit for left turns onto the Dairyman’s driveway from Hwy 12.

If you agree that this development is in the wrong place and would cause too much traffic crossing the Rodota Trail with its 600 per day pedestrian and bicycle use, the large trucks needed to provide the raw material for the wine and distilled spirits going into the project, and the trucking of the finished products out, in addition to the guests attending the 60+ events planned...

Please email:patricia_maurice@dot.ca.gov

Patricia Maurice
Acting Director District Branch Chief
Local Development-Intergovernmental Review
Department of Transportation District 4
PO Box 23660, MS-10D Oakland, CA 94623-0660

cc: traci.tesconi@sonoma-county.org

Refer to: Dairyman Winery and Distillery Project,
Use Permit Application: LP-14-0090 and
Traffic Impact Study

The project includes:
Production of 500,000 cases of wine
Production of 250,000 gallons of
distilled spirits
87,000 square foot of production and
office areas
Public tours and tastings 7 days a week
Open 10 to 5 pm for retail sales
62 yearly events with up to 600 attendees
Events to run until 10pm
This project will use over 1 billion
gallons of water

In your own voice, write something like:
"This factory-like event center would be in the wrong place. It’s too big, the event center and its traffic would impact a well-loved, well used bicycle and pedestrian path."
"The trucks that would pass across the Joe Rodota Trail, delivering raw materials for the 500,000 cases of wine and the 250,000 gallons of distilled spirits, the finished commodities back out across the Rodota Trail, and the hundreds of visitors to the weekly events will pound that intersection, and possibly stack on State Highway 12, for which Caltrans bears the burden of upkeep for efficiency and the public’s safety. "

Who We Are

Sebastopol Tomorrow has been encouraging citizen involvement in local issues since 1985. Sixteen years ago SEBASTOPOL TOMORROW helped to elect a City Council that voted to protect the unique small town character of our city against the pressures for sprawl, for more traffic, and for expensive housing. We stopped huge developments that threatened to ring the town and obliterate sacred Native American sites.

We succeeded in writing a General Plan that moderates growth, that protects the existing levels of traffic from becoming worse, and that helps to make our downtown more pedestrian friendly. We fought to build the town plaza, to provide more affordable housing, and to establish an urban growth boundary to control sprawl and moderate expenses for city services.

We looked to promote and welcome local businesses that spring from and serve our small town community, with our agricultural, artistic, and innovative interests.

Much of what we enjoy about our town is a result of those early efforts. Now in these difficult economic times, there is pressure on council members to compromise these hard-won accomplishments. More...

Sebastopol Tomorrow promotes:
• Traffic planning which channels traffic along major thoroughfares, preventing it from being re-routed onto neighborhood streets.

• A vital downtown and downtown redevelopment that encourages measures to concentrate most commercial activity in the central area and create a pro-business climate for locally owned businesses that spring from and serve our small town community’s agricultural, artistic, and innovative interests.

• “Managed growth” including mechanisms to mitigate the impacts of growth on traffic, schools, parks, and the cost of city services such as sewer and water. Growth should not be allowed to occur more rapidly than our carrying capacity will support.

• Expansion of public transit and other forms of traffic relief, including bicycle routes and safe pedestrian crossings.

• Preservation of the Laguna, Atascadero Creek and other environmentally sensitive areas. These are assets to our community and should be carefully stewarded.

• Planned affordable housing, especially projects, including “sweat equity,” long-term affordability, and housing appropriate for family living.

• A well-reasoned General Plan which provides City officials with clear, objective criteria with which to make policy decisions, including an Urban Growth Boundary that citizens will support at the ballot box.

• Promotion of renewable energy solutions and energy conservation by City government and its residents.


There are still several steps the CVS/CHASE developer must go through before final approval. Stay tuned so you can attend these meetings:

Please stay involved so that you can have a voice in this important issue.