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The CVS-Chase shopping center was recently approved for one of our main downtown intersections. How do you think this will affect traffic and our sense of community?

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Volunteer for Sebastopol Tomorrow

The City Council election is November 6, 2012!

We need your help to get the word out about Robert Jacob and John Eder - the true green candidates who also support local business.

Please send an email to Sebastopol Tomorrow to let us know who you are and how you can help. Walk, call, type data, write, copy, stuff, etc.

Help Our Candidates!

The best thing you can do in these final days is to help John Eder (707) 696-4309, johneder@comcast.net

and Robert Jacob in their campaigns.

You can phone, walk, wave signs, give money, email your friends, post on your Facebook page and.....

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Our candidates

In this City Council election, Robert Jacob and John Eder are candidates who are clearly committed to the vision of an environmentally friendly and sustainable Sebastopol. SEBASTOPOL TOMORROW urges your vote for Robert Jacob and John Eder and for the future of Sebastopol.